Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

  • The bill ensures access to high-quality childcare, in part by incentivizing workplaces to build daycare centers, and puts a cap on how much families pay for it. Right now, the average family has to spend about 13 percent of their income on childcare, more than they spend on food. Build Back Better would cap the cost at 7 percent.
  • It also guarantees universal pre-K for every child. Thirteen years of schooling — K-through-12 — has been the norm for 90 years. Now, we’re giving families the ability to sign their 3 and 4-year-olds up for two more years.
  • Another way it improves care — albeit indirectly — is by extending the expanded Child Tax Credit, which provides 39 million households up to $3,600 in tax cuts per child. The bill also permanently makes the Child Tax Credit fully refundable, meaning that the neediest families will continue to receive the full Child Tax Credit over the long-run.
  1. the biggest investment in modernizing American infrastructure since Eisenhower and the Interstate;
  2. a revolution in how we how we care for children;
  3. the country’s largest ever investment in fighting climate change;
  4. one of the two or three most consequential tax reforms of the past 50 years;
  5. a historic overhaul of the international tax system



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Secretary Janet Yellen

Secretary Janet Yellen

78th Secretary of the Treasury. Former Fed Chair. Always an economist.